The Crone and Daughter-in-Love
Invite you to safely and in the comfort of your own hearth, browse and shoppe with us

The needs you have for your special Witch Crafting and Handmade Jewelry Pleasures are here at our Hearth
Thank you for stopping in!

We strive as A Mother/Daughter-in-love(law) team to put Joy, Laughter, Sensuality and Spirit into every single product we hand craft for you. 

Loving Blessings
Kay & Sara

Special Thanks To Our Web Mistress Lily Gray of Scotland!

(site  under  construction,  please  excuse  us  while  we  move  in)

All our products are lovingly hand-made and blended by us.
These include - body oils, healing ointments, tea, medicine bags, (jewelry has been added to stock!),
and our
Artemesia Smudges

Artemesia is grown @ The Cottage!

A Typical Smudge 6-8

Sensual & Ritual Oils, and More !

Sensually Scented Body Oils    

$5.50 per  ¼ oz  


Exotically Scented Body Oils
$7 per  ¼ oz   

Other oils are available, please e-mail for details 


Body oils, less concentrated than the sensual oil and in a quantity to use lightly for massage

$11.00 per 4oz & Postage/Handling
Please state Sensual Scent wanted in box below, then press "Add to cart " button

Scent Ordered

Flying Ointment 

$5.50 per  ¼ oz   

Aids in Out of body and Astral Projection. Also used in lucid dreaming. 
Different experiences reported by everyone.

Prosperity Oil 

$5.50 per  ¼ oz   

 Artemesia Smudges
 wrapped with Red Thread
as an added Spiritual Protector
 $6.50 per bundle

 Here at 2 Gingered Lilies, we also make Love and Attraction Oils, Annointing Oils and soothing scents for both adults and children.
If you are looking for any kind of scented oil, please
 contact us  
to discuss your needs.


Please note, 

All prices are Plus the Postage/Handling .
We package in very light wrapping to keep postage down.
we will e-mail you with postage costs before 
we send your item.

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